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Storm waters all around

When storm waters arrive swiftly, in very little time you could find yourself in deep water, literally. Our team at SERVPRO of Racine County have the tools and experience needed to mitigate the situation. 

Shingle Shudder: storm weather and roof damage

Severe weather can cause numerous issues to the structure of your home or business. Strong winds can rip shingles from your roof with ease. Our team at SERVPRO of Racine County are able to access the situation and begin repairs swiftly.  

Leaky Ceiling Sorrows

An unexpected rainfall from the ceiling of a local resident's home had them calling SERVPRO of Racine County for help. Our team is highly trained to deal with any type of disaster and can get you back on your feet, faster. 

In the Wash: Flooded Basement Damage

We sometimes take for granted the appliances we use on a daily basis, until something goes wrong. When a local resident had a major water issue when their washing machine flooded their partially finished basement, they called our crew at SERVPRO of Racine County to help.

I'm Melting!

When a fire ignites behind your walls, internal damages can be extensive. Duct work throughout your home can be severely damaged by the heat. This picture depicts the extent one home owner experienced with a fire in a crawl space. 

What's Left Behind

When a sewer backs up or a pipe breaks, nothing is safe from contamination. Carpet, hardwood, baseboards and walls are all susceptible to extensive damages in the matter of minutes. Our team has the proper equipment to sanitize and rebuild the damages of what's left behind.

Down by the Board Up~

Fires can leave devastating damage in the wake of its path. Whether residential or commercial, the effects of a fire and deep and lasting. Once the flames are extinguished and the damage has been done, what is the next step? For a local shop owner, boarding up their facility was top of the list. When covering exposed areas of a building or home, the entry points for unwanted rodents or infestations is greatly reduced. It also allows for damages to be addressed out of the viewpoint of the public. 

Keep it Clean

Commercial cleaning is a service sometimes overlooked when considering SERVPRO, but in reality, it is one of our specialties. Being able to cover large areas with little effort allows us to maximize our time and prevents prolonged work on sites. 

From Rust till' Dawn

Hazardous conditions can rise slowly and sometimes undetectable. When rust caused a water meter to break in a near by residence it caused a significant amount of standing water in their basement, they gave SERVPRO a call. Immediately our crew of highly trained individuals arrived on the scene and was able to assess the damages. Water has the ability to infiltrate through multiple surfaces such as flooring and drywall. When this happens the potential of mold and other dangerous side effects increases drastically. Always consider calling for professional help when facing these types of situations.

When Things Go Wrong

When a local resident experienced water damage from a broken spigot, SERVPRO of Lake Geneva arrived immediately and was able to asses the damages and begin restoration. We are always here for you when things go wrong. 

Ice Ice, maybe?

Severe weather brings many levels of damage your home or business can experience. Frozen pipes during the winter can cause cracks and ruptures that can affect the entirety of your home. Trust the experts at SERVPRO to help mediate the situation and begin repairs!

Stormy Weather

When a local resident experienced standing water in their basement from recent storm waters, they gave our team a call. We were able to safely extract the excess water and dry out the surrounding area.

Basement Bummer

When a local resident had a sewage back up into their finished basement, they gave us a call. We were able to complete the restoration process to fully sanitize and repair the damages they sustained.

Schools out

When a local elementary school had an excessive water issue from a burst pipe they gave our experts a call. We were able to dry out the affected area and allow classes to resume in a timely and efficient manner. 

Make it Rain

Water damage of any kind can knock the wind out of your business's sails. Having to keep the doors closed while repairs are completed can also cost you productivity. Give us a call today and our team of experts can help you get back on your feet, faster!

Over Stressed Furnace

When a local apartment complex had an unexpected water heater implosion, they trusted our compassionate crew at SERVPRO to help repair damages. With our expertise we were able to immediately begin repairs to get them back on their feet.

Leaky Sprinkler

When a neighboring business was surprised by unwanted water damage, they gave our team of highly trained and helpful individuals a call. We were able to identify the broken sprinkler and begin repairs on the effected areas. 

Broken Pipes

When a local business experienced and unexpected pipe break, multiple rooms of the establishment needed to be tended to. Water damage brings with it the potential of mold and other distressing after effects. Give SERVPRO a call to help with the mess! 

On the Hunt

When sewer issues arise, call non other than your friendly and highly skilled neighbors at SERVPRO. We are able to completely asses the areas affected and will hunt down the source of the issues while prepping for repairs.

You're as Cold as Ice

When ice accumulates on your roof or gutters, it can cause severe damages. Our highly skilled and trained professionals can assess the damages done and create a safe environment to begin repairs. 


When structural damage occurs due to sever weather, you can count on SERVPRO to assess the damages and immediately begin the restoration process. Fallen trees are a common occurrence and can pack quite a wallop to surrounding buildings. 

Damage Report

With top of the line equipment and highly skilled professionals on your side, no job is too big and no damage is too extensive. A broken pipe can be a huge headache and an even bigger mess. Let us take care of the dirty work for you! 

Should You Need Us

SERVPRO employees undergo extensive training to be equipped and well prepared for what each disaster may bring. Mold is a dangerous material to handle without professional help. You can count on us to help mitigate the situation and safely repair the damages for you without risking your personal health. 

Ignition Point

When a fire ignites within your home or business, there is a limited amount of time to react. When one of our local residents experienced an electrical fire, the damages to their home were immediate. SERVPRO experts were able to begin repairs upon arrival. 

A little Overdone: Kitchen Fire

Aftermath of a kitchen fires can be an overwhelming site to behold. Along with the fire itself, soot and smoke residue are issues that must be addressed. Give us a call, we are here to help.

Pump, Dont Fail Me Now..

One of the most damaging and common water damage occurrences can be traced back to sump pump failures. These can be disastrous as they can effect any area of your home including surfaces and flooring. SERVPRO technicians are able to fully assess the extent of damages, as well as sanitize and start the reconstruction process and oversee the job until completion.

Satisfying Extractions

A slow leak can become a huge problem over time! It can go unnoticed if the area affected isn't utilized frequently which brings along with it the risk of warped flooring and the potential of mold spreading. Your friends at SERVPRO have the skills and tools to extract water from the surfaces and walls of your home, diligently and effectively. When extracting water from carpeted areas you can actually see the difference in coloration in perfect lines as pictured. 

Oh Mold you didn't!

SERVPRO of Racine was called to a local residence for mold removal and sanitation. Mold has the potential to spread when being cleaned which can cause extreme health issues. Always seek professional assistance for these situations. We are here to help!

Bathroom debacle

When a local business experienced a flooded bathroom, our technicians at SERVPRO of Racine were called to aid. Sanitizing the contaminated materials and getting the business back in business. What we do best!

A bit damp

When a local business had experienced a basement flood, SERVPRO of Racine was able to get the situation under control. Water damage brings with it a plethora of other issues that can effect the home you live in. It is very important to seek professional assistance in water damage situations.

Smoke can damage

When a local resident experienced a kitchen fire, SERVPRO of Racine County arrived quickly to help assess the damages. Smoke is a secondary issue that comes with any fire damage situation and can effect the entirety of your home, even in rooms the fire does not touch.

Kitchen Fire

Devastation of the aftermath of a kitchen fire. Electrical fires can originate in any part of your home or business structure so it is essential to have fire alarms located in every room if possible.