Recent Before & After Photos

Hidden Threat

Dark, damp environments are prime breeding grounds for unexpected mold infestations and, unfortunately, no space is safe. Mold is an ever present part of our ev... READ MORE

Wet Laundry

When a local resident experienced a flooded laundry room, SERVPRO of Racine arrived quickly, assessed the extent of damage and began the restoration and drying ... READ MORE

Mold, Be Gone!

After a local resident found mold building up in their home, SERVPRO of Racine was recommended for clean up. Removing mold can be a very dangerous situation, al... READ MORE

Bathroom Blowout

When a local business had a huge bathroom accident, SERVPRO of Racine was to the rescue, sanitizing the affected area and getting the wash room, washed. Sanitat... READ MORE

Soggy Socks

When an unforeseen situation occurred for a local resident, SERVPRO of Racine was recommended. The cause of the water damage was unknown, but it had left the ca... READ MORE

Rodent Rodeo

When a local resident needed a major RV clean up after some unwanted critters visited, SERVPRO of Racine was there to handle the mess. Raccoons had invaded this... READ MORE

What goes down, might come up

A local resident experienced a sewage back up from an unknown cause. Standing water was left in puddles in their basement, contaminating their cement floor. SER... READ MORE